Hotels Lisnaskea

Hotels Lisnaskea

Cheap hotels and inexpensive Bed & Breakfasts in Lisnaskea include the Donn Carragh, the Erne-a-Rest and the Carrybridge. Further hotels online are Arch House and the Valley Hotel, and it would be prudent for potential visitors to compare hotels before they book hotels. Restaurants in Lisnaskea range from coffee shops and cafeterias to formal dining establishments and eateries that are nestled inside hotels, while the local pubs with their specialty ales are well known for reflecting this beautiful Irish town’s hospitable character. Lisnaskea is a haven for the sports-lover, and the town is well known for its Gaelic football team, the Lisnaskea Emmetts, as well as for its hurling and ladies football teams. The Gaelic Athletic Association is also well represented in Lisnaskea, and visitors can also enjoy a round of golf thanks to the Lisnaskea Golf Society.

Although the Lisnaskea railway station closed down in 1957, the town is close to several major motorways and is also featured as a stop on several Ulsterbus routes. The nearest airport to Lisnaskea is Sligo Collooney, which is 41 miles out of town, and the nearest international airport is Belfast International at 66 miles away. Further smaller airports near the town include Londonderry Eglinton and Knock, 57 and 60 miles out respectively, and further international airports within driving distance consist of Dublin International and Shannon International, which are 80 and 124 miles away respectively.

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